Humbly Confident

Most of us can’t really reconcile being confident AND being humble all in one. Most of us probably think that the two words are basically opposites. Most will find themselves on one side or the other… ‘Well, the Word says that the meek will inherit the earth, we need to be humble, pride is the root of sin’ OR ‘Well, the Word says come confidently before My Throne, it says to go boldly, that we don’t have a spirit of timidity..'(Matthew 5:5, Proverbs 18:12, 2 Tim 1:7, Hebrews 4:16) So, is the Bible contradicting itself? No, definitely not.

So, where do we land in all of this? How should we act.. humbly or in confidence? BOTH! Humility is so important, and so often we don’t really understand what true humility looks like. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, you are made in the image of the Creator! We are all Image Bearers!! We are the most valuable of His creation because of that fact. So, no, humility is not thinking less of who you are. It is thinking of yourself less. It is truly putting others before yourself. Most importantly it is putting God before all else. It is so easy for us to be so self-sufficient that we don’t recognize that everything we have is from the Lord in the first place! It is by His grace, and His grace alone that we have what we have. Let me say this again… It is not because of how amazing you are… not because of your talents, your strengths, your gifts that you are where you are or have what you have. It is through God, and God alone, that you have your talents. Being humble means not forgetting that, it means staying in a place of thankfulness to the Lord for all He has provided and done. Okay, so Humility = Thankfulness.

Confidence is not the opposite of thankfulness, so it’s not the opposite of humility. Being humble actually leads to confidence… stay with me here… I’ll explain. So, in humility we find a lot of freedom. Freedom from thinking incorrectly of ourselves, from thinking that we have sway or influence or power to change or do anything… See, in humility we lay down before the Lord and realize it is in His strength we do anything and not in our own. That takes a lot of pressure off of us. Knowing that we can…should actually, leave it all in His hands. And presto! Confidence! If we know the character of God at all we know that we can certainly have confidence in Him. He is unchanging. He is forever and always. He is Lord of all.

James 4:10 says this, “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up”. What a promise! When we come before the Lord of the universe, the King of kings and the Lord of lords and we humble ourselves (we come thankfully) before Him, He will lift us up. He will give us the confidence we need to walk boldly in our calling, in our life. It’s because when we come humbly (thankfully) before Him He knows that we aren’t putting confidence in ourselves, but in Him. And so he honors that and graces us to walk in that confidence + humility.

Our God is so good. He equips us with His strength, with His grace, with His love so that we succeed in our highest goal. Our highest calling in life is to glorify Him. We do that by coming humbly before Him. Every day, all day. Staying in an attitude of thankfulness so that He can shower us with confidence to advance His Kingdom on this earth. When we do this, we fulfill that high calling. And guess what?! We will find that we are so incredibly satisfied in that place with the Creator God, where we are resting in Him. Resting in the freedom that comes with humility. Placing it all back in His hands, surrendering all to Him, and we get back the most amazing satisfaction we could imagine. Because that is what we were made to do! Imagine that… that when we do what we were created to do we are the most satisfied we could be on earth.

When you find yourself discontent, frustrated, or burned out check your heart for thankfulness. Take a minute to assess where you’ve found your rest, where you’ve found your security. If you are finding it in yourself.. or work, relationships, anything outside of the Lord, stop and pray. Stop what you are doing in that very moment and throw yourself at the feet of our God in humility and thankfulness that you don’t have to carry what you’ve been trying to carry. Humble yourself and pray. (2 Chronicles 7:14) He will honor you there in that place, He will take your burden and give you rest and confidence in Himself. Remember, He is unchanging. His character is always the same.. He will not turn away from you when you place yourself in front of Him humbly. THANK YOU LORD!

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